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Binance Chain Hacked For $570 MILLION! Kim Kardashian Fined By The SEC! + MORE!


When two worlds collide, sparks fly! 

It’s like that right now with stocks and cryptos… as our Trader and Coach Keith Sullivan discovers in this week’s Trades Of The Week episode! 

While the economy waits eagerly for the Fed to act, events in the crypto space are as volatile as ever! 

The great thing is, INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES exist in BOTH, right now, simultaneously! 

So watch now to discover why events surrounding BINANCE, KIM KARDASHIAN, and NVIDIA, to name a few are important to know about. 

After all, being successful with trading and investing is all about KNOWLEDGE! 

So, tune in to this week’s episode to learn how you take control of your financial future through both, stocks and cryptos! 

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