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Bitcoin Has Finally Broken Out! What Is Next?

Bitcoin Has Finally Broken Out! What Is Next?

We think…UP! UP! UP!

In fact, as we have been saying for some time now, we are – cautiously – forecasting a new ALL TIME HIGH!

Will it happen? Well, as always, we will have to wait and see, our crystal ball is still on order with Amazon!

Talking of who… if you tune in to this week’s Trades Of The Week episode, you will not only hear all about Bitcoin’s fantastic, long-awaited breakout to its current loftier position (as a result of the “ascending triangle” we talked about recently), you will see why Dennis and Keith are super-excited by recent news surrounding Bezos’s mega giant!


It’s been a very rewarding time for us with some excellent profits gained with many coins, including SOLANA, with TERRA LUNA also breaking out to an all-time high… and CARDANO who returned us… well, you’ll have to check out the Trades Of The Week to find out!

We have a new opportunity, too, with FTT which we think is very exciting as they have partnered with the global payment platform Stripe which is therefore adopting the FTX token.

And just to add on BITCOIN, you may remember we talked recently about an “ascending triangle.” This refers to a bullish pattern which means the probability of an asset breaking on the upside is a lot larger.

Which is exactly what happened with Bitcoin!


It’s now moving over to the green, so people getting a bit greedy here. When it gets to 80-90 might be a good time to start taking some profits.

But make sure you follow the strategies. Overall, we’re really excited about cryptos, still getting bullish and going up.


Some strange developments, in a way even though there seems to be certainty coming back in. On the one hand, in the US, there was a drop in the number of people claiming unemployment, which means the economy is stronger. However, inflation and interest rates didn’t change. In fact inflation hit 6%+.

Also, we were seeing a lot of companies buying back their own shares! That’s a bit weird you may be thinking – but it is actually EXTREMELY good news for us investors, as the guys explain here.

Just to give you a clue… this involves Amazon too! You just have to see it.

There’s a lot more certainty in the market now – so not fearful, not greedy, more neutral.

A look at the US100, S&P500, Dow Jones… shows us that they all follow the same path. And as we know – history is a great teacher for what might be coming later. We have had 3 x 2 big red candles in the past year or so which is a very bullish sign – it means, at this trajectory, prices might start journeying up to all-time high!


More excellent news for us this week with our VCA’s as we took profit with PAAS (up 20%); CATERPILLAR (+20%) and INCY (stop loss at 10%).

Adding to that excitement, we are happy to announce that a world famous car manufacturer is currently sitting pretty at a remarkable -35% making it a very exciting proposition for investment. There’s too much to go in to here, so check out the revelation in Trades Of The Week for more!


Continuing the trend… we came across a couple of great opportunities here.

ARES – Ares Management Corp. Looking good at 3-1 reward-risk ratio. Nice candle pattern that moves really quick. Is exciting.

TSN – Tyson Foods Inc. Also looks very exciting, we have a nice pattern, support getting higher, and resistance getting higher. Potentially will go higher than we are estimating. Some lower highs that is only thing to consider.

But remember… it’s all about the probabilities…. following the strategies… doing your own research… as well as making the most of our guidance, advice and reviews!



Buffalo: +52.5% on total portfolio

VCA: +925% on money invested +40%


CCA: +1,510% on money invested +50%

Small Cap: +4,320% on money invested

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