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Bitcoin To Go Below $10k? Will DeFi Go Mainstream? Increased Regulations! + MORE!

Happy New Year to you all… but what will 2023 have in store for us investors and traders is the big question? 

More of the same… or will the market tide hit a new wave of change? 

In this first episode of Trades of the Week 2023, our Head Trader Dennis Sahlstrom helps point the way by diving deep to examine the latest developments in the crypto world and the stock market, plus the wider global economy. 

Questions answered include: 

Will Bitcoin drop below $10k and if so WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? 

The highly volatile crypto market, stabilise… or continue its explosive unpredictability? 

DeFi market, will it go mainstream? What would this mean? 

Continuing regulation of crypto, blockchain and exchanges – a good thing… or bad? 

Mainstream adoption of crypto for payments – grow… or falter? 

All this and MUCH MORE (including TESLA’S electrifying price drop) is a must-see! 

Along with our still impressive and totally transparent RESULTS BREAKDOWN that proves we know what we are talking about. 

Check it out now to see if you might you benefit from Dennis’s expert insight. 


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