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China, COVID, Lockdowns, & Crypto Wallet Safety! The Time to ACT is NOW! + TOP Stocks & Cryptos To Get Into! & MUCH MORE!

Get your money out - Trades of the week - Investment Mastery

Another HYPER-BUSY week for investors everywhere, this week’s Trades of the Week is loaded with stock market and crypto news you just can’t afford to miss!

Our Head Trader, Dennis Sahlström, and Coach & Trader, Keith Sullivan, take you through all the highlights, including:

WHY Bitcoin at -74 is too good to ignore…

WHY China and new Covid lockdowns have such a big impact on the markets…

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO to keep your cryptos safe from the recent turmoil…

WHICH are the GOOD cryptos we’re getting into and which are the BAD we are avoiding…

PLUS… why you really should grab some Disney, Google, Microsoft, and Johnson & Johnson, among others, that are still at insane BLACK FRIDAY prices!

AND WHY this week we are adding FIS to our portfolio!

PLUS OUR AMAZING RESULTS BREAKDOWN that proves we know what we are doing and talking about!

Get in, and enjoy!

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