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Crypto On The Rise!

Crypto on the rise - trades of the week

+4,320% In Profit On Money Invested! How YOU Can Achieve These Results Too!

Yes… it’s all true! Your eyes are not deceiving you… and neither are we! We really have made that much profit with money invested in cryptos since August 2020!

Not possible you say? Well, tune in to our latest Trades Of The Week episode to find out just how exactly Marcus and Dennis have managed this…

And more importantly… why YOU can achieve these results too. As it says right there, that is +4,320% profit in less than two years.

Okay, so how has that been possible?


Quite simply, cryptos have been building nicely now in many ways and the more cryptos expand, are developed, created, and adopted, not only by investors but the wider world in general, the more OPPORTUNITIES are also created to make money by investing in them.

It’s a crypto snowball!

There are literally THOUSANDS of cryptos to choose from now… and it all makes profiting from them extremely PROBABLE!

As we discuss the news that EU regulators are banding about terms that we are not liking at all…

As well as which cryptos are still serving us well moving up 58%… and which one at -43% is a great one to get into…

And why we are not too disappointed that Bitcoin came back down quickly after its’ much-awaited-for breakout!


Well as much as we love cryptos – and we could talk about them all day and night – there have been a lot of other interesting and exciting things happening elsewhere…


Signs that the economy might be strengthening came with the news that in the US 431,000 jobs were filled which means more people have more money to spend, which in turn might slow the increase the interest rates.

Amazon featured heavily again this week following last week’s exciting 20-1 stock-split news and you can discover more about that here.

Here’s a clue, the workers are uniting and it has something to do with the fact Amazon’s CEO Andy Jassy made 6,474 times the amount of the average Amazon worker! Notorious for being cagey about their employee practices, we say good luck to those Amazon stalwarts without whom we would not have such great service.

Our attention was also caught by a landmark bill passed in the US House that means a once demonized “miracle” plant is going to be DECRIMINALISED in ALL US STATES!

Okay, so pretty obvious what that is… but it only means GREAT prospects of getting “high” returns for us investors!


We had some great successes this week.

PAAS – we took profit. It came down, took us out, and rallied a bit higher, but 20% profit on PAAS… finally! We have been in there a long time… but this proves a point – let the market do the work.

So don’t be too eager about things happening tomorrow, they will happen… yes sometimes it does happen tomorrow… but sometimes it takes a little bit longer.

ALIBABA (BABA) – we invested, 40, 50, 60, 70% down, and now we are actually on 10% profit. This shows the importance of going all the way down.

So important as that is really going to bring down the average price. 

SQUARE (SQ) now BLOCK INC. – stop loss at 25% price down to -70%

PAYPAL – was down massively.

Oh and… what about ELON MUSK?

If you haven’t heard… find out in this week’s Trades Of The Week what he did that has sent one stock price tumbling! Which is absolutely fantastic.


Micron Tech (MU) – semiconductor. Looking like a great company. Good PEG ratio, undervalued. Great earnings per share in the next 5 years. Low debt. All looking very positive. Down 20% – we are definitely taking a position in this.

We also have two new…


They are downward trending, looking really good.

Airbnb (ABNB) – downward trend since November so could rally down again, it’s all about the probabilities.

American Airlines Group (AAL) – nice, downward trending pattern, we were in this before and it had some really big swings to the downside, but really trending up and down quite a bit.

Probabilities are that this is going to continue going lower which it has for the last year or two even.

Add two pairs of shorts because the others we have are long.



BUFFALO: +53.5% on total portfolio (+1%)

VCA: +9455 on money invested (+20%)


CCA: +1,510% on money invested

Small Cap: 4,320% on money invested

As always, remember – do your own research, what you are using us for is as a springboard.

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