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Donald Trump Goes All In On Crypto

Four years ago, United States President Donald Trump was an outspoken crypto critic, saying Bitcoin and other cryptos were not money, the value was volatile and based on thin air, and their existence could lead to illegal activity, including the drug trade.

Looks like Trump has had a change of heart, for as of today he has been revealed to own some Ethereum – worth between $250,000 and $500,000!

First it was the big banks, then the CEO of BlackRock and now it’s the former President of the United States. All critics of crypto and Bitcoin, they are now firmly behind it.

And that of course means one thing – the mainstream world of finance, multinational corporations and even government are ADOPTING crypto.

They are rubber stamping a move away from traditional fiat currencies and “paper” money. The cashless society is upon us.

A fully digital world is moving in. For investors, these movements by the big players must be screaming OPPORTUNITY!

For newbies, it’s time to seriously consider getting in on the action.

Unravelling The Next Big Wave in Cryptocurrency: Why You Can’t Afford to Miss Out!

In investment circles, Crypto has been featuring more and more the past couple of years. Each week that goes by seems to herald some major crypto development as the big boys start getting involved. The likes of JP Morgan, BlackRock, PayPal, Citadel,  

And this is despite Crypto experiencing a turbulent time since January, with the market plunging up to 77% in 2023. Even giants like FTX faced challenges, crumbling under allegations of fraud.

However, this year also saw U.S. Congress introduce a 162-page draft bill focusing on crypto market structure. This is another huge moment as the legislation aims to bring order, laying out rules for blockchain networks, stablecoins, and more. Important financial committees have been at the heart of it.

Major global institutions are now shining a positive light on crypto’s future. The world’s financial moguls aren’t just watching from the sidelines; they’re actively participating, indicating a strong belief in the resilience and potential of cryptocurrencies.

Think of this phase as the calm before a massive rally. Wall Street’s involvement could pave the way for easy crypto investments right from your usual brokerage accounts, making it accessible to everyone.

So, if you’ve ever thought about dipping your toes into the crypto waters, the tide is turning in your favour.

But as ever – you must do your own research. We do ours, but it does not mean we are giving you financial advice.

At Investment Mastery, we are all about education. But that doesn’t mean we provide investment learning only for our students. We are always educating ourselves too.

Every day.

So before diving in, make sure you use the Price Cost Averaging calculator to help you determine the right amount to invest and the best frequency to do so, ensuring you stay on track to reach your financial goals, check out this week’s Trades of the Week.

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