FTX’s Leaked Financials, Paypal Joins CoinBase’s Trust Network + MUCH MORE!

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Although relatively quiet compared to recent weeks in the crypto and stock market world… it’s still been an INCREDIBLE week of Investment Mastery activity with yet more exciting PROFITS locked in and taken, and GREAT NEW OPPORTUNITIES coming our way (and you too if you do your homework!)

Add to that another slice of MEGA news concerning a HUGE crypto exchange and it all proves what we have been saying for months now… CRYPTOS ARE HERE TO STAY!

They are the FUTURE… as our Trader Coach Keith Sullivan explains in this week’s epic Trades Of The Week episode!


ALBERTSONS COMPANIES (ACI) – the market has gone back up to give us a small amount of profit. We may move our stop-loss up to lock in more profits!

PAYCHEX (PAYX) – locked in 2% profit on our overall account (not bad going!)

COTY (COTY) – been in this for a while but have not been able to move our stop-loss; hopefully over the next few days to weeks.

MERCK & COMPANY (MRK) – it’s been moving up, but we’re waiting for our next profit margin before we can move our stop-loss off and lock in 1%.

THE CHEFS WAREHOUSE (CHEF) – triggered last week, but currently at break-even, sitting around our entry point.

ABIOMED (ABMD) – we’ve had our first bounce, second bounce, and we’ve actually now locked in at break-even. If it does continue further down, we’re then going to start locking in 1%, 2%, and 3% profits.


Pretty much as you were. Inflation still knocking around 8%. The Fed Reserve is still being hawkish. The market has rallied a little, so it’s acting a little bullish. We’re now taking a breath and if we start seeing the market fall down to the thirty-two thousand mark, then potentially, we can see a drop lower.


Right now it’s neutral, but on the cusp of Fear. We don’t know which way the market is going to turn, which is why it is important to be hedged.

On that note…


BRIGHTHOUSE FINANCIAL INCORPORATED (BHF) – triggered last Friday and already around half a percent profit, with a really nice risk-reward of 4.95%.

THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY INCORPORATED (CAKE) – triggered in, then the market fell even further, giving us half a percent profit. BUT… if it does continue lower, we could potentially make a 3.14% profit.

STRIDE INCORPORATED (LRN) – got in at our entry-level and still sitting there, so if you’re not in this, and you’re looking at a long position, potentially this could be good for you.

We’re not making or losing any money on this, but we’ve got a really healthy risk-reward of 4.81%.

But please remember, this is not financial advice. You must do your own research and analysis!


Bitcoin, Ethereum and a lot of the other coins have been increasing in value and could hit $32k. But the last time the market came to this level and then fell, expect the retest around the $20k mark once again.

But… don’t run on FOMO (fear of missing out). If Bitcoin goes up, just follow the strategies because the best thing about a strategy is… you don’t need to predict the market!

You just need to know what the strategy is if the market does X. Y. Z.

PAYPAL is in the news again. Over the last year or two, they’ve been incorporating cryptocurrency into their business. People can now buy and sell crypto and actually pay with crypto via PayPal.

Now, PayPal is joining something called TRUST.

TRUST is a global, secure, and industry-driven solution designed to comply with a requirement known as the Travel Rule while protecting the security and privacy of our customers. TRUST was designed and built collaboratively by leading crypto exchanges to set the standard for Travel Rule compliance.

Now, that could help increase PayPal’s price and help stimulate longer-term growth.

And how about this?

FTX is a Bahamian cryptocurrency exchange founded for the purpose of generating as much wealth as possible to be used for charitable causes following the “earning to give the principle of effective altruism.”

It was revealed last week that FTX enjoyed MASSIVE 1,000% growth, taking revenue from below $90 million in 2020 to more than $1 billion last year as cryptocurrencies hit an all-time high.

It is basically one of the fastest growing exchanges other than coinbase and binance and possibly the third largest exchange.

They’re expanding their roadmap. They’re expanding their client base.

More excitingly… they’re down, unbelievably -50%! Making it a great time to get in. FTT is their exchange ticker.

So once again this isn’t financial advice. We’re not telling you to get into FTX but it is a position we have been in since it was down -60%, then -80%.

Now this news means FTX is a very promising proposition indeed.


PAYCOM SOFTWARE (PAYC) – we got in at -20%, -30%, -40%, -50% and then the markets recovered enough for us to get a 20% profit. Happy days (again!)  

CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL (CMG) – it has been falling from the high, so -20%, -30%, -40%. The markets now had a nice, healthy push-up, and we’ve now locked in another 20% on our stop-loss. This is on the money invested. So if the market then does fall down to our stock price, we’ve taken a profit.

Obviously, we want the market to continue higher, so we can now carry on moving our stop-loss to lock in more profits. But 20% is not bad on the money invested.

And remember, it’s never one investment that’s going to make you a millionaire. It’s the compounding factor of numerous investments.


FMC CORPORATION (FMC) – is currently down -20% from its high. Fundamentally, we have a nice healthy market cap. Good income, a good amount of sales, and low debt. Earnings per share growing year on year. Paying out good amounts of dividends, a good level of return on assets and investments.


BUFFALO +64.2% on total portfolio

VCA +1,076% on money invested (+20%)


CCA +1,510% on money invested

Small Cap +4,320% on money invested

Dennis Sahlström
Dennis Sahlström
Dennis Sahlström is the Head of Trading and Training at Investment Mastery. He has traded and invested since 2016 and has made an average of 4.53% per month since then. With cryptos, he turned £4,000 into £100,000 in less than 2 years and he is just getting started! As Marcus de Maria, the founder of Investment Mastery, helped Dennis to get started - he is now paying forward and is passionate in helping as many people as possible to trade and invest & has now helped 1000s of people on their journey to financial freedom. He is also a writer for the biggest Swedish news outlet for cryptos. He currently lives with his girlfriend in Sweden, in order to also teach trading and investing all over Scandinavia.

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