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Game-Changing Crypto Outshines Ethereum! 

The news that both the CPI and PPI showed inflation continues to decline sent investors into a bullish mood as The Fed Reserve looks set to pausing their rate hike. It’s good news as a continuation of a disinflationary environment will allow a platform for the likes of technology, communication and discretionary to grow. 

It was enough for top investor Paul Tudor Jones to predict that the stock market will end higher this year. So maybe the full-on recession will not appear after all! We might actually see an upward-moving market. 

On the crypto front, with Bitcoin hovering around the $21k mark, news came out that there were now over 1 million addresses holding one Bitcoin or more. The question is, are you among them? Because Bitcoin will be scarce once mining ceases at 21 million coins. And with the 2024 halving coming up, that is likely to push the price up further. It all means there is no time like now to get your hands on some BTC. 

Some worrying news emerged as it appeared Binance are blocking Bitcoin withdrawals. That could be a concern because as long as you have your money inside any exchange, doesn’t matter if it’s Binance, Kraken, or even Coinbase, then if they freeze the withdrawals, you can’t take your money out because they actually control your money in there. What might be the best thing to do? Start moving most of your money out as soon as you can to a ledger. Not all of it, but most. So make sure that’s what we’re doing, moving most of our money to a ledger. 

It also emerged that Solana has had more transactions than Ethereum which puts it as the most-used blockchain out of the “Big Three.” For investors, that is an indicator that Solana is becoming a solid investment, as indeed Filecoin might become in the not-too-distant future. 

Finally this week, Nike looks set to advance into Web3, which could be a really interesting development for the brand. And for investors too. Nike is also innovating with AI, so put that together with Web3 and you have a sports retailer looking to up its game big time. In other words, it’s the companies that are adapting that will also thrive.

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