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Inflation – The Stock Market Killer of 2022?

Bear Market 2022?

It’s almost New Year and it’s going to be an amazing year. Inflation might be a problem for the stock market next year and maybe even for cryptos. Word has spread that we might get a bear market too. And by you following trades of the week, we’ll try to guide you through Trades of the Week updates as much as we can. Before we get into what is happening in the market, we want to ask you a very important question – what have you accomplished this year? What is your greatest win? We want you to comment below on what your greatest win is in 2021 in terms of trading and investing. Let’s dig into this week’s stock market news.


We took a lot of profit last week, that is, 5%. We have started well this week and we are sure to end the year in a really strong fashion. So let’s have a look at the stock market this week.

Archaea Energy Inc.

Ticker: LFG

For Archaea Energy Inc., we moved the stop-loss to 1% profit, fortunately. So it dipped down, took us out, and now it just continued down. We were very fortunate that we actually took profit on this.

Archaea Energy Inc. - LFG

ChargePoint Holdings

Ticker: CHPT

For ChargePoint Holdings Inc., we moved the stop-loss down now to 2%.

Chargepoint holdings CHPT


Ticker: JWN

For Nordstorm Inc., the stock was down to 4%. That’s 4% profit for us.

Nordstorm - JWN

Cactus Inc.

Ticker: WHD

For Cactus Inc., we are in a losing position currently.

Cactus Inc. - WHD

Sunnova Energy International

Ticker: NOVA

For Sunnova Energy International Inc., the stock just continued to go down. No trade for us here. That’s why we use a stock board. Well, that’s the power of a stop order!

Sunnova Energy International - NOVA

Merck & Company Inc.

Ticker: MRK

For Merck & Company Inc., we’re in it as a VCA. Currently, we’re up by 1%. This means we’re moving this stock close to the 1% profit or sort of to the breakeven point.

Merck & Company Inc. - MRK

Medifast, Inc.

Ticker: MED

For Medifast, Inc., we are looking for a good trade to the downside. It might continue to break higher. And in that case, we would just cancel the order. This is still a good opportunity.

Medifast Inc. - MED

Sana Biotechnology Inc.


For Sana Biotechnology Inc., we have three nice bounces here. It’s a perfect Buffalo! We will wait for the green candle to bring about a change in the markets.

Sana Biotechnology Inc. - SANA

Coinbase Global Inc.


Coinbase Global Inc. is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world and they give outstanding results. The Crypto market has been falling with the changes in Coinbase. If the crypto market does change now and start to go up, Coinbase is very likely to go up with it. So we think that it looks like a trending Buffalo. Even as VCA goes down to 35%, it looks very tempting to get into this market.

Coinbase Global Inc. - COIN

Market News

Two major driving forces are driving the market right now with actual inflation. This has been accelerating as quickly as

It’s all down to the inflation because of the COVID fear that has been surfacing. We expected positive news, especially with JP Morgan, looking at the 2022’s pandemic situation. Inflation is still steadily increasing and the Federal Reserve and the FOMC have highlighted this as a potential problem for 2022. They are taking the following measures to combat this issue: 

  1. They are tapering which is the money that’s been given to centralized banks. They are slowing down the amount that they can spend in the market, which is slowing down for utility or stocks. 
  2. They are also slightly increasing the interest rates. 

If they want to slow down its growth and also stabilize inflation, they need to slowly increase interest rate which in turn stops businesses and people spending into the economy. So rather than spending money, they are saving money. Now with the inflation news, it’s caused a bit of a server up with the investors. So they’re seeing more fear in the market. As per the fear-greed index, we are now in extreme fear.

“When the market looks fearful, it’s our time to be greedy because fear naturally brings the market down” 

This automatically means we’re not only going to have a good position in the market but for all investments. Presently, we have been investing and taking profits, but now it could be a time to accumulate new shares. 

If we look at the US30, this market did have a recovery over the previous drop. And now we could potentially see that this market is making a lower high. Now, what does that mean? It means the buyers may not have pushed up the market strong enough to make an all-time high. So this is the first indication of a potential reversal in the market.



Ticker: BTC

For Bitcoin, we do have a downward trend here and that will probably determine the shorter-term moving the market.

Bitcoin - BTCUSD


Ticker: SOL

Currently, Solana is down by 30%.

Solana - SOLUSDT


Ticker: THETA

It is currently down by 75% from the high. So we’re down in this. So if you didn’t get into this last time, now you have a golden chance to average on the position there.



Ticker: XRPUSD

XRP is down by 40% from its high which proves to be a good development for 2022. It’s getting a lot of traction with banks all across the globe. Also, they had over 60 partnerships with different crypto companies all around the world as well. So keep contributing to crypto ecosystems. That being said, we suggest you look over your positions well and do your research well.




Cardano has fallen down a lot and we might be getting the profits again after 60% drop.

Cardano - ADAUSDT


Ticker: MANA

It is down by 46% at the moment.


Axie Infinity

Ticker: AXUSDT

Axie Infinity is down by 35%.

Axie Infinity - AXUSDT


Ticker: KDA

We’re adding – We added another entry on Kadena which is down by 64%.


Ticker: KSMUSD

Kusama is down by 44% at the moment.

Kusama - KSMUSD



We add another entry on FileCoin which is down by 64%.

FileCoin - FILUSDT


Ticker: ARUSDT

We have a minus 60% here. currently up 50, 60% of well done



Ticker: SAND

Sandbox is down by 44% which we bought last week.

Sandbox - SANDUSDT



For Luna, we’re up 100% percent.



Ticker: PYPL

For Paypal, we’re down by 40%.

Paypal - PYPL

Pan American Silver Corp.


For Pan American Silver Corp., we are down by 40%.

Pan American Silver Corp. - PAAS

New Opportunities for 2022

It’s the accumulation period of cryptocurrencies because there is a market drop. Bitcoin Exchanges is at a one-year all Inc. is building a giant CRM System that people all across the world will use it. Companies will have a positive income, positive return on assets, investments, and equity. Also, a good debt to equities will have low debt in terms of their assets. Moreover, they have a positive outlook for the coming years, especially in terms of COVID and lockdown. We feel that people will still use them because they’re completely digital.

If you are a client of Investment Mastery, send us a mail at to become the client of the week. It’ll be an honor for us to have you featured on our Instagram where your progress will be shared to inspire others for investing and trading. It will make a huge difference in the life of others!

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