Is It Time For Twitter To Take The Poison Pill?

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Billionaires! Where would we be without them?

That’s probably a question for another time… but you have to admit, there’s never a dull moment with some of the more famous ones.

Billionaires like Elon Musk. Yep, he’s in the news again, this time for making an attempt to add to his 10% share of Twitter by accumulating a shed load more, in effect taking over the social media platform for a cool $43 billion!

However, the Twitter board is resisting, as Dennis and Keith reveal in this week’s irresistible Trades Of The Week episode.

Meanwhile, for us more humble investors, here’s why having your feet on the ground is so important…


With the situation pretty much the same as in recent weeks as a result of the continuing war in Ukraine. The multi-decade record-high inflation and interest rate hikes in the US and here in the UK, and fear still pervading the economy, means keeping one’s eye on your “trading balls” is key to not only making the most of the opportunities that are popping up across all investment arenas (stocks, cryptos, commodities) but also to make sure you are hedged against losses.

These are bearish times, but also bullish times, hence the need to be cautious but equally bold!

There’s volatility all around, which of course we absolutely love, as Dennis and Keith explain in this week’s Trades Of The Week episode. BUT we only love it because we have the strategies to use to make the most of the volatility!

Strategies also help us sleep at night! Very important!


Crypto has really tumbled a lot lower with the prices pushing and lower taking a lot of people’s stop losses out so it’s the same as with the stock market, we are in a standstill with the crypto market as it turns out Bitcoin was a bit of a fake breakout.

And a good indicator of that volatility once again is the news that the first-ever Twitter post by Jack Dorsey that was sold for $2.9 million as an NFT was listed for re-sale at $48 million dollars… yet only received a top bid for $277 that is a fall of over 99.999%!

Again, it’s crazy times… but this is why we love the investing and trading world! Though we would say that it shows that the NFT is so young, so if you invest in NFTs, currently it’s pure gambling. NFTs are pure Wild Wild West so you need to be a bit careful here.

However, there is still good news for those who want to get into TERRA LUNA, CARDANO, and SOLANA, as you can see here with our full breakdown of what’s hot… and what is not.

One thing that is clear to us, though, this is NOT the time to be selling. No. It’s time to be ACCUMULATING.

Because we saw what happened in 2018, the market had a massive correction and then all of a sudden went up nearly 3000%, what happens if this is the case that it’s going to do it again? There’s a correction and then it goes up 3,000% you be kicking yourself, I promise you that I kicked myself in 2018 because I didn’t invest in crypto.

You will be kicking yourself if you’re not accumulating now.

So just follow the strategies we talk about in Trades Of The Week, take note of what we’re doing and you’ll be on the right side of the fence in regards to investment opportunities, such as these – STEVE MADDEN (down 20%); LILAK and NVIDIA.


Buffalo: We’re up 53% since August 2020, which is phenomenal and 50% better than you get at any bank! Not bad in just over one year!

VCA: 995% on the money invested.

CCA: 1,510% on the money invested.

Small cap: 4,320% on the money invested.

Dennis Sahlström
Dennis Sahlström
Dennis Sahlström is the Head of Trading and Training at Investment Mastery. He has traded and invested since 2016 and has made an average of 4.53% per month since then. With cryptos, he turned £4,000 into £100,000 in less than 2 years and he is just getting started! As Marcus de Maria, the founder of Investment Mastery, helped Dennis to get started - he is now paying forward and is passionate in helping as many people as possible to trade and invest & has now helped 1000s of people on their journey to financial freedom. He is also a writer for the biggest Swedish news outlet for cryptos. He currently lives with his girlfriend in Sweden, in order to also teach trading and investing all over Scandinavia.

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