Is The Bull Market Awake Or Is The Bear Just Taking A Nap?

Trades of the week - 1 June 2022

What a week! And on the face of it, a really significant one!

The Bull appears to be stirring… while the Bear seems to have decided it needs a well-earned rest.

How long will the Bull’s awakening and Bear’s nap last?

Well, as ever, no one can predict, as our head traders Dennis and Keith reveal in this week’s excellent Trades Of The Week episode!

Thing is, with the Bull possibly awakening after its long hibernation, investor opportunities may be harder to spot or appear as false dawns.

Which, of course, is why we are here – to help you navigate this new development in the markets in both stocks and cryptos.


The market is said to be undervalued by 12%. Over the last few days the US30, Dow Jones, NASDAQ and S&P 500 have all had positive moving days, meaning people have been buying, buying, buying!

Institutions have been investing their money in a bid to enhance profits. Now the Bull has woken, it means some of them are NOT opportunities for us.

However, others are down at 20, 30, 40% – so yeah, we’re interested!

But it does mean navigating the markets is a little trickier. We have to be on our toes more.

The question then is – has the market bottomed out?

Are we going to witness a continuation up to an all-time high… or is this what is known as a “relief rally” meaning markets just pulling back to entice people to buy, buy, buy and then they shoot the market down again?

Time will tell!

But the delicious irony is, if you like, that for us, right now IT’S A GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR VCA’S if the market DOES GO UP!

BUT… we are also hedged with our Buffalo, short and long. So basically, as ever, we are covered whatever happens.

That is the amazingly brilliant thing about our strategies – strategies that aren’t rocket science to learn! Anyone can do it… and have been… in their thousands!


Good news: AIRBNB (ABNB) profit here at 4%.  

PFIZER (PFE) up to 1% profit locked in.

BERRY CORPORATION (BRY) is another 1% profit locked in.

HANOVER INSURANCE GROUP (THG), we moved our stop loss to break even.

We’re also adding two shorts:

PHYSICIANS REALTY TRUST (DOC) with a nice 3 to 1 reward risk ratio.

N-able (NABL) we actually placed an order on this before, but it just continued higher so we cancelled that, but now we are up at the next level of resistance, which looks really good.


Finally, a small breakout with a nice big green candle. It could be the turning point… but maybe it too is a relief rally.

However, we still think it is only a matter of time before it starts moving again.

Good news for LUNA fans – it has REVIVED! But we now have LUNA 2.0. It fell 70% or so on the first day of trading, so we are not buying this at the moment, we are monitoring the situation.

BITCOIN has recovered a bit in conjunction with the stock market.

The Federal Reserve is now pushing for stronger crypto regulations.

Take note-having endured staggering losses as a result of the pandemic, the world’s largest video game retailer, GAMESTOP, has launched its’ own crypto wallet based on the ETHEREUM blockchain. GAMESTOP also have a mission to use NFT and become the online “Amazon of gaming.” One to keep an eye on.

As for ETHEREUM, it’s looking to move over to Proof of Stake which could ignite the next move for the bull market as well, so we will see.

Talking of NFT… big news here, EBAY is launching its own NFT collection. Proof that it’s still all happening in the crypto space… even though the market is SUPER FEARFUL!


FANTOM (FTMUSD) down at 88%. They got really hammered like Luna because of its stable coin situation but we think Fantom has some really good potential and is a great first entry.

And none other than… BINANCE COIN (BNB)! Down -52%, is a lot safer, especially as it’s built upon one of the biggest exchanges in the world!


We’ve been adding to some of the entries, such as BEYOND MEAT (BYND) at -78%; ADOBE (ADBE) is -45% and starting to go up, so we’re closing in on break even.

COINBASE (COIN) -68% is where we entered, we’re a bit in profit currently, so hopefully we can take profit on that soon.

And the one we’re adding is big name brand GARMIN (GRMN) – producers of GPS devices. Down -40%. They have a great income, positive earnings per share, positive return on assets, positive return on investment and no debt, which is really important. A great first entry.


So, even though the markets have been going down, we still managed to close 4% on the portfolio which is great and why we always make sure we are hedged.


Buffalo: +63% on total portfolio (+4%)

VCA: +1025% on money invested


CCA: +1,510% on money invested

Small: Cap 4,320% on money invested

Dennis Sahlström
Dennis Sahlström
Dennis Sahlström is the Head of Trading and Training at Investment Mastery. He has traded and invested since 2016 and has made an average of 4.53% per month since then. With cryptos, he turned £4,000 into £100,000 in less than 2 years and he is just getting started! As Marcus de Maria, the founder of Investment Mastery, helped Dennis to get started - he is now paying forward and is passionate in helping as many people as possible to trade and invest & has now helped 1000s of people on their journey to financial freedom. He is also a writer for the biggest Swedish news outlet for cryptos. He currently lives with his girlfriend in Sweden, in order to also teach trading and investing all over Scandinavia.

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