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Is The US Heading Into Another Recession?! What It Could Mean For You

Trades of the week - 16 June 2022 - Investment Mastery

With INFLATION at its highest since 1981!

NASDAQ falling! MEGA CORPS falling!

PEOPLE taking on DEBT to pay for food, energy, rent, petrol… it can only mean one thing…


It’s a case of “anything that can go wrong, IS going wrong” right now as the economists declare – the ‘Perfect Storm’ is here!

Businesses are suffering, people are suffering… BUT… it’s not all doom and gloom for the savvy investor, as Dennis and Keith explain in our latest episode of Trades Of The Week.

In fact… this is the IDEAL TIME to start getting in if you are new to stocks and cryptos investing and trading… and the IDEAL TIME to start accumulating, accumulating, accumulating!


Movements are very bearish right now as the stock and crypto markets crash, and we’re even seeing commodities taking a tumble with silver down -30%, which is an unusually low dip.

Add to that pay freezes, growing unemployment and looming redundancies at some big-name companies such as MICROSOFT, SALESFORCE and TESLA (shedding an estimated 10,000 staff!) and that is a big sign things are not good.

We have to wait for that second quarter of GDP to know for sure, but it sure looks like we are now in a recession – yet we could see more volatility occurring over the next few days. Why? Because the Federal Reserve is having a two-day meeting and it appears they will be discussing another interest hike that could potentially be as much as 1%.

It all adds up to this “Perfect Storm.” What’s that mean for us?

It just means we need to follow the strategies, we need to make sure we follow our tried and tested, proven VCA, getting into the fundamentally strong companies.

BUT… we also need to be hedged in the stock market, which is also working as we are also making a profit on our shorting positions.

This is the importance of being hedged because when you see a shift in the market where it goes from being bullish to extremely bearish as long as we are hedged, we might lose 1 or 2%, but we can make 3, 4, 5%, on the shorting opportunities, as we are right now.

The market is still very fearful at the moment but it doesn’t matter for us because when using our Buffalo strategy it doesn’t matter when the markets fall… or go up!


BERRY CORPORATION (BRY) gave us 1% in profits this week.

HANOVER INSURANCE GROUP (THG) we stopped out at break even.

PHYSICIANS REALTY TRUST (DOC) we’re locking in 1.5% currently up roughly 2.27%.

INTERACTIVE BROKERS GROUP (IBKR) we are putting a stop loss at half a per cent profit we will probably be able to lock in 1% profit.


PRIVIA HEALTH GROUP (PRVA) as a short and The ODP CORPORATION (ODP) as a long.

PAYPAL (PYPL) is down 76%, it’s still a great asset – remember to ask yourself, will it go to zero? It won’t. Our next entry is -80%.

ZOOM (ZOOM) had some good news last week with Kathie Wood’s ARK INVESTMENT fund buying a lot of it. Down to roughly -74%, it’s potentially time to get in quick (but as ever do your own research!)

Our VCA addition this week is none other than – AMERICAN EXPRESS COMPANY (AXP) at -20%! You might even be able to get in at a better entry point bearing in mind it dropped by 50% during the covid pandemic.

So this could be a good investment moving forward, but do make sure you are patient, we do need to invest at -30, 40, 50 60, and 70 as well, so all the way down.

But a great company, good earnings, they have low debt, great return on assets, return on investment, and return on equity, which is usually a really good sign.


The life of BITCOIN continues to be HIGHLY VOLATILE! One minute $69k… now down to around $20k (at time of writing)

and with other coins similarly riding turbulent waves in Bitcoin’s wake, plus one of the biggest crypto lending networks, CELSIUS, looking iffy (withdrawals frozen, cutting staff, all swaps and trading halted on their platform), people are getting twitchy!

Understandable, YES.

But we FIRMLY BELIEVE 100% crypto has a long term future, in fact we believe it 1 MILLION%!

BUT, BUT, BUT… one thing we URGE you not to do, is do what others are doing and that is putting all their money into trading cryptos and even leveraging DEBT to trade in cryptos!

Please never do that. Never put yourself in that position. It’s not worth it!

The KEY… we believe… is to invest in the projects that provide GREAT UTILITY. By that we mean they offer real SOLUTIONS for the growing crypto ecosystem. So not just coins, but other blockchains/crypto entities.

This is why we are still going for SOLANA and new opportunities such as FILECOIN (FILUSDT) -86% and CHAINLINK (LINKUSC) at -79%.

To hear more, check out Trades Of The Week, here.

Last, but not least, for this week, our…



BUFFALO: +63% on total portfolio

VCA: +1025% on money invested


CCA: +1,310% on money invested

Small-Cap: 4,320% on money invested

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