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Millionaires Are Made In A Bear Market… Could This Be You?!

Bear Market Millionaire - Trades of the Week - 24 May 2022

With everything going on in the world right now, high inflation, high-interest rates, extreme fear in the markets, ongoing war and uncertainty in Ukraine, not to mention the sudden scary rise in the cost of living, it’s not surprising that people are looking for ways to increase their income to meet these huge and debilitating financial challenges.

Trading Investments is one such area that can help

And the beauty of it these days… is ANYONE can do it!

As we have been proving here at Investment Mastery for the past 18 years! As the title says – Millionaires are indeed fashioned from the markets when they are in Bear mode. This could well be you too if you get on board now, learn our strategies and follow them to the letter.

At the time of writing, inflation in the UK is around 9%. It could mean recession is waiting in the wings.

Now, the thing about trading and investing in – it’s recession-proof!

Learning trading investments in the stock market and cryptos could be your way forward because the only thing that is certain right now – you are not going to be making money with the Banks.

Those days are over. But investing in strong Blue Chip companies – which you can do by the way, especially in this extremely low dip – is not the stuff of dreams.

What you are doing is making your money work for you, and that is the goal. Another great thing is, that you can do that by starting small and investing small.

So, onto this week’s Trades Of The Week news…


Some profits are to be taken with AIRBNB (ABNB) as we lowered our stop-loss to 3%. We are going to lower it a little bit more down to 4%. The same with PFIZER (PFE); SUN COUNTRY AIRLINES HOLDINGS (SNCY) and BERRY CORPORATION (BRY) is now locked in half a per cent profit.

We’re adding two positions – AMC NETWORKS INC. (AMCX) and HANOVER INSURANCE GROUP INC. (THG).


The Bitcoin yo-yo saga continues – currently sitting at $25,540. Will it go lower? It might bottom out, but we think it may go lower so we’re using our CCA strategy to make sure we enter all the way down.

This is a prime example of a Bear market when most millionaires are created. Looking back at 2017. Most people invest maybe once, maybe twice, but then they give up when a price drops to 30%.

But if you would have invested all the way down to the 84% drop, you would have had a great average price and when it went up, you would have made over 1,000%, instead of just making maybe 200% or 300%.

So WE are very, very excited about the market because the more it goes down the bigger our positions become, the more money we have to invest, and the more money we are going to make! SOLANA, by the way, is still a great entry because it is still a great project (in our opinion). It’s still down at -80%. It’s a great buying opportunity.

Some new entries that we have are CELO (CELOUSI) which is down 80% so it’s a great entry. Same with COSMOS (ATOM) now down 75% and GRT (GRT) we’re adding another entering at minus 75%. MATIC is the next one also down a lot of amazing projects as well and down a whopping 78% at the moment, which is insane, it’s fallen that much but that’s the market – volatile, but we don’t care!


We’ve added a second entry with MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC. at -30% and the same with STEVEN MADDEN (SHOO) which is -30% as well.

We’re also adding COINBASE. Down 68% and they have billions in the bank.

But obviously, since the crypto market has been going down they’ve been heavily affected as well. Nevertheless, Coinbase is a great one, they have great earnings, and this could be a really good investment. You can have this in your ISA or SIPPS as there might be some tax benefits.



Buffalo: +59% on total portfolio (+0.5%)

VCA: +1025% on money invested


CCA: +1,510% on money invested

Small Cap: 4,320% on money invested

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