Oil Is Crashing… Should You Buy The Dump?!

Oil Is Crashing... Should You Buy The Dump! Trades Of The Week

Some may see it as a “slick” move in some ways… but we’re not so sure it is, as Marcus and Keith explain in this week’s brand new Trades Of The Week episode… but before we get into our blog summary we have something very exciting to announce…

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Okay… so back to our weekly roundup of BUFFALO, STOCKS, MARKETS and CRYPTO news and why our focus this week is all about one of our key teachings – STRATEGIES!

You MUST have one and we explain why it is so important.


It was an “interesting” week! The Fed Reserve raised interest basis points by 75 points which is equivalent to 0.75%.

The crux of it all, is whatever happens, what does it all mean for us and YOU as investors?

How does the shift in the economy affect your chances of making money? That is the key question. The way we see it – the markets are currently undervalued. For us, that means only one thing…it’s a GREAT TIME TO INVEST!

It could go down even further… but why wait, there’s nothing stopping you from getting in now, then getting in again if it drops! And if it doesn’t drop but recovers, then you will have still got in at a good time. That’s what we do… it’s one of our core strategies (governed by RULES of course)!  

Now, we mentioned OIL. Is this a good time to get in?

Oil dropped by 20% to 30% for some companies – DIAMONDBACK ENERGY (FANG) is one of the biggest ones with a 24% drop over the last week. But the key here is that if any recession does strike… that could impact oil because oil is all dependent on supply and demand.

Is FANG a safe investment? Look at it this way. During the pandemic, FANG had a big drop of around 60% and then recovered to an all-time high of over 500%! So yes, you could have a successful investment here, but it’s just about how long would you be in that investment? That is a major consideration. Marcus and Keith cover this quite succinctly in our Trades Of The Week episode.


We have a couple of new entries.

ALBERTSONS COMPANIES INCORPORATED (ACI) – a 3 to 5 risk-reward, so making over 3% which is great for the opportunity.

NV5 GLOBAL (NVEE) – upward trending buffalo, looking at 4 to 1 risk-reward.


More drops, we added to these:

TRIPADVISOR (TRIP) – got our -70 entry.


IPG PHOTONICS CORPORATION (IPGP) – down -67%, been in four times with this one -37, -47, -57, fundamentals pretty strong, growth-wise, they’re consistent.

For those who don’t know about our VCA strategy, watch the video for a great, concise description. You will see why we follow it – because it works really well!   

GENERAL MOTORS (GM) – now added to our -50% drop.

MICRON TECHNOLOGY (MU) – down at -40%, entry triggered.


JP MORGAN CHASE (JPM) – wow, yep, we’re going in guys with one of the big boys! JP MORGAN could be a really good position to get into with our VCA! It’s down -34% so could be a really good opportunity.

But always do your own research – use us as a springboard.


Lots of developments and plenty of big buying opportunities.

BITCOIN – we have our -70% entry point with our CCA strategy, so we have just invested again with Bitcoin.

ETHEREUM (ETHUSD) – -80%, we were a bit surprised Ethereum went below 1400, as that was the high in the last bull market in 2017, but we think it could go down a little bit more, which is fine, so keep an eye out with that.

BINANCE COIN (BNBUSDT) – we got in at -72%, do your research but this is a good coin.


FILECOIN (FILUSDT) – down at -95%, a good opportunity… but please note, this is not financial advice, we’re not saying get into Filecoin. You can’t just put your money in and then cross your fingers – you need a strategy. And it is important to make sure you are liquid enough to take advantage of all the drops.

There’s lots more crypto news concerning MICROSTRATEGY, COINBASE, CELSIUS and TRON … check it all out here on Trades Of The Week!

In a nutshell, despite the volatility, we still believe crypto is the future! And any investor HAS to give it a look.



BUFFALO: +62% on total portfolio (-1%)

VCA: +1025% on money invested


CCA: +1,510% on money invested

Small Cap: 4,320% on money invested

Dennis Sahlström
Dennis Sahlström
Dennis Sahlström is the Head of Trading and Training at Investment Mastery. He has traded and invested since 2016 and has made an average of 4.53% per month since then. With cryptos, he turned £4,000 into £100,000 in less than 2 years and he is just getting started! As Marcus de Maria, the founder of Investment Mastery, helped Dennis to get started - he is now paying forward and is passionate in helping as many people as possible to trade and invest & has now helped 1000s of people on their journey to financial freedom. He is also a writer for the biggest Swedish news outlet for cryptos. He currently lives with his girlfriend in Sweden, in order to also teach trading and investing all over Scandinavia.

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