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Russia vs Ukraine: How This War Will Impact The Markets AND What Should You Do?!

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine brings inevitable market mayhem!

Banks and businesses DOWN -70%! Russian indices DOWN -40-50%! Russian Rouble DOWN -30%! Russia Interest rates UP +20%!

Volatility might be our friend as traders and investors, but the big question is – do we venture into this Eastern European social tragedy?

Is it a good time to get into the Russian banks, the Russian companies? Hopefully they will recover, but we’re not sure how long the conflict is going to last.

That’s why we think there are better opportunities out there right now, as you can see by watching this week’s episode of Trades Of The Week.


A volatile week. Cryptos went up massively because of uncertainty in the market overall. Bitcoin is bullish as it breaks the 44k marker and starts heading up. Will it get to 50k? There is every reason to think it can!

With the whole market down from the highs, it’s time to focus on the Layer 1’s, the more solid ones such as Enjin, Link, Luna. All tantalising for different reasons, as we explain here. 

Also, find out…

Which major merchant platform has started accepting crypto payments and which powerhouse in the finance world has opened a bank in the Metaverse!

Which crypto was gobbled up by a whale to the tune of 5.2 million. 

And why Avalanche integrating with digital payment platform Wirex means it’s bound to be scaling new heights.


We added three new ones this week with some potentially meaty whoppers:

Huntington Ingalls Industries – the largest military shipbuilder in the US, employing 37,000 people, with approx. $10billion revenue.

Plus a fast-food burger chain that, surprisingly, is a bit hit because of its coffee beans (allegedly better than Starbucks!)

And a globally recognised digger-maker who’s -20% drop is just a whole lot of investor goodness.

Find out who they are by clicking here.


We enjoyed 15% profit with Barrick Gold. We put the stop-loss on this. So we’re out. But Barrick proves the importance of diversifying. You absolutely must diversify. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket.

We also added one position with CRM Salesforce which had gone down -39%. Also Block Inc (formerly Square) which rallied down to -70%.


We had some minor dips this week (APG, NWBI, TXRH, WWD) but this is actually the first time since we started doing Trades Of The Week back in August 2020 that we had this many. So that’s pretty impressive, if we do say so ourselves.


Buffalos were down but overall we’re still up +56%

15% profit with VCA.

CCA +1,460% on money invested.

Small Cap +4,320% on money invested – little bit more risk, but boy is it worth it!

Want to know more? Just click here to watch this week’s Trades Of The Week with Marcus and Dennis to view the stats and learn the strategies.

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