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THE END OF CRYPTO IS UPON US!!! How Can YOU Survive The Worst Crypto Market In History!

The end of crypto is here - Trades of the week - 7 July 2022

YES… it really is that BAD

On the face of it…

The entire crypto ecosystem has spiralled out of control… DOWNWARD

BUT… as Dennis and Keith explain in this week’s reassuring Trades Of The Week episode, PANIC is not an option!

Because… things are NOT AS BAD as you might think… or have seen… or read elsewhere.

Why should you believe them?

Because they – we – are Investment Mastery! We know exactly what we are doing and how the MARKETS really work – including the crypto market!

So, staying with…


BITCOIN – moved down quite a bit, we’re in a breakout trade with our Gold Member clients, we were at 2% but now it looks to be coming down a little bit, so we’ll see what happens.

If Bitcoin went down to $10,000 would you be happy? We know we would! Because WE BUY WHEN THE PRICE IS LOW… NOT SELL!

When the price is low, at a discount, that’s the time to get in, to ACCUMULATE!

The most important thing is to have a strategy to know what to do BEFOREHAND.

Despite what is happening right now, we believe the price of bitcoin will exceed $67k eventually. We still believe it will hit $100,000. We really do.

The exchanges!

There has been a spate of bad news stories here. We talked about CELSIUS last week about freezing withdrawals. Now we have a major crypto hedge fund, THREE ARROWS, going bankrupt. In fact, other exchanges were lending to Three Arrows to help it out, such as Canadian-based lender VOYAGER which admitted it could lose $650mn in loans it made to Three Arrows. Voyager has had to do what Celsius did and has suspended withdrawals. KUCOIN and HUOBI are also facing problems.

What do we do?

Well, when it comes to exchanges, we always urge everyone to keep roughly 80% of their investments in wallets such as LEDGER and then we can have some money on the exchanges to sell but only on the BIGGEST exchanges – we’re using BINANCE, COINBASE, KRAKEN. 

So, be careful only to look to the big exchanges, and have most of your money in your wallets, that’s what we are doing.

SOLANA – Positive news here. Solana is launching a phone next year, looking to become an Apple – they are down a lot from the high of $240 to $34 – that’s what we call a bear market!  

We think it’s a great project, we think they will do very well once they sort out their tips troubles. BLOCKCHAIN.COM – Blockchain itself is improving what ETHEREUM can’t at the minute, improving its speed, they’re cheaper and easier to utilize too. There is a reason they have been the most popular platform since 2011 with, they say, $1 Trillion in crypto transactions!

What are we currently buying?

The top coins: CARDANO, POLKADOT, SOLANA, BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, BINANCE COIN, RIPPLE, XRP – the biggest ones, the blockchains, the infrastructures – because they are cheap and, so far, dependable.


NV5 GLOBAL (NVEE) – upward trend, slightly in profit at 1%, moving the stop loss to break even to lock in those profits, it means we cannot lose money now unless it really gaps down, which would be rare.

COTY (COTY) – no trade this week, but this is a good example of our stop order strategy, if you are new to us, check the Trades Of The Week Youtube video for more.


We are adding two longs even though we could be heading into a bear market which could even be a long one

PAYCHEX (PAYX) – good support level, nice green candle, a great reward risk ratio at 3.7 which means for every dollar you are risking you could make 3.7 dollars. APA CORPORATION (APA) – a nice green reversal candle, that indicates that the market might reverse, so we’re looking at a great reward-risk ratio on this one as well.


Not much change here. We’re still waiting for the Q2 figures to come out at the end of the month. We should know for sure then if we really are heading into a recession.

The mood at the moment is mixed. The Fed Reserve is trying to sound positive, but they are not really painting the real picture, we believe. How can they be positive when people are taking on loans to buy essentials like groceries and petrol?  

So… we could potentially see a further drop in the market… and if that happens, we know what to do, right?

Panic, right?


Not us… we just keep following our VCA strategy – i.e. it’s accumulation time! Time to get into the fundamentally strong companies, so we know our money is safe.

Also, we have our Buffalo strategy – so we’re hedged, we make money as the market goes down… and as it goes up.

So we’re really excited about this opportunity…



Believe it or not – it’s down -23%!

Need we say more?

They have great earnings, great profits, low debt, the kind of company we like to see – a global company and have a lot of different products which is important as well.



BUFFALO +63.2% on total portfolio

VCA +1025% on money invested


CCA +1,510% on money invested

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