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Time To Sell Solana? Solana Has Us ALL Worried!

Trades of the week - 13 July 2022

What on Earth is happening? Well, to be more precise… what in the virtual world is happening!

Things seem to be getting more and more surreal and absurd at the same time!

What is currently unfolding with SOLANA being a good example… as our traders Marcus de Maria and Keith Sullivan dissect with their trusty aplomb in this week’s heavyweight, BIG NEWS Trades Of The Week

So we’ll dive right in staying with…


And to give a little context to the Solana story, well, Solana Labs (part of the Solana ecosystem) has become another plaintiff in a lawsuit action brought by SEC, this time on behalf of SOL investors, much like the SEC has done for XRP investors against XRP not so long ago.

The lawsuit against Solana centres on the claim that SOL tokens are “unregistered securities” and state that:

“Defendants made enormous profits through the sale of SOL securities to retail investors in the United States, in violation of the registration provisions of federal and state securities laws, and the investors have suffered enormous losses.” – Kanav Jain, AMB Crypto

This is really interesting because the SEC has not finished its lawsuit against XRP, and with the SEC potentially losing and settling out of court, it begs the question why are they going after Solana in the same way?

All rather mysterious.

But maybe that’s why the new bill has come out in the US that is going to bring regulations in for stablecoins and the selling of securities, to stop any chances of malpractice?



Or do nothing?

We’re a bit wary at the moment, this latest somewhat surprising, if not shocking, development could hold the price of Solana down so, for now, we are still evaluating the situation.

Question is – could you be using that money that you were thinking of putting into Solana somewhere else?

Also… and this is also BIG NEWS

GRAYSCALE – after a Quarter 2, 2022 evaluation, Grayscale has disclosed they have changed the weightings of their Cap Fund.

According to its website:

“The Fund’s shares are among the first securities solely invested in, and deriving value from, a basket of large-cap digital assets in the form of a security while avoiding the challenges of buying, storing, and safekeeping those digital assets directly.”

BUT… what they have announced is that not only are they removing Bitcoin Cash (not really a surprise to us)… BUT also Chainlink… AND… Polkadot!

This IS a bit of a shock… and we shall be going deep to find out more about why they did it and get back to you next week.

Okay, what else in this up/down, up/down crypto market?

BITCOIN – well, what do we need to say? We believe it’s still time to accumulate! The price is still at a good time to buy. We know people that bought at $60k thinking it’s going to go up… BUT they have not been buying as the market drops!

Having said that… one of the biggest learnings in trading and investing is knowing when to sell and “milk the cow”, and take the profits. That is something we can help you with here at Investment Mastery, so get in touch to find out more about the strategy for this. Because you have got to milk that cow at some point, you can’t just accumulate and then wait for it to go to the moon, you have got to milk it as it goes up.


Not much is happening.

ALBERTSONS COMPANIES (ACI) – we haven’t been triggered, but you could move your entry down to get a better entry point. The risk-reward ratio is absolutely fantastic here at 1-5, so for some, you could lower your stop order to get in at a really, really good price.

NV5 GLOBAL (NVEE) – moved to stop loss to break even so we can’t lose money anymore, which is amazing. Got the potential to move higher so it’s all about managing that position.


Not much changed… so how can you use that to make money?

Well, our traders Marcus de Maria and Keith Sullivan have some interesting views on company earnings, with what is happening to MICRON TECHNOLOGY (MU) being a good example of a fundamentally strong company. It’s been around since 1978 and has revenues of nearly $30 billion.

NEW BUFFALO ALNYLAM PHARMACEUTICALS (ALNY) – nice downward trend with a really good risk-reward of 4.27 – so a good opportunity to shorten to the market.


Market having a bearish move, slight recovery over the last few days but not enough for us to start taking profits.


CATERPILLAR (CAT) – down at -24%, it’s too good to miss! One of the biggest construction companies in the US, fundamentally good market cap, positive income, really undervalued PEG ratio, anything under 1 is good, but this is 0.6, so WOW! Plus, 40% more money coming in than going out for the next 12 months and more good stats. Now you may be thinking, if it’s fundamentally strong why has it gone down…? You can find out in this week’s Trades Of The Week video. But you must also do your own research.


No change this week:


BUFFALO: +63.2% on total portfolio

VCA: +1,025% on money invested


CCA: +1,510% on money invested

Small Cap: 4,320% on money invested

We do need the market to go back up… and it will! Maybe before May 2024?

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