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Will Ethereum Be Bigger Than Bitcoin?! 

Will Ethereum Be Bigger Than Bitcoin

Is The Flippening Happening?

Uh… what did you just say?

Did you read that right?

Ethereum to be BIGGER than the mighty Bitcoin!?

A bold statement indeed… but one that our Head Trader and Coach Dennis Sahlström and Trader Coach Keith Sullivan stand by… and for one very good reason.

It’s all revealed in this week’s coin-packed, question-filled edition of Trades Of The Week as Dennis and Keith also ask – why is no one talking about XRP?

But first, let’s round up some…              


And it’s been quite a healthy week for us:

ALBERTSONS COMPANIES (ACI) – is hovering nicely in the middle of our stop-loss range. But YOU have a very good chance to get in at a better price than us, but do your research first of course.

NV5 GLOBAL (NVEE) – up 4% in profit but not taking it yet, locking in 3%, but we’re thinking it might go higher so we can keep raising the stop-loss.

PAYCHEX (PAYX) – bit in profit here, stop-loss at breakeven.

KARUNA THERAPEUTICS (KRTX) – getting into profit here too.

GLOBAL BLOOD THERAPEUTICS (GBT) – also going into profit here.

COTY (COTY) – again, we’re edging toward profit.


The question everyone has been asking lately – are we going to officially be in a recession – was finally answered… and, as we predicted… that answer is YES!

The U.S. posted a second negative GDP quarter of GDP of -0.9% meaning the U.S. is officially in RECESSION.

So yes, this is bad for the U.S. – but one question is strange: why did the stock market go up?

Also… what is the Fed Reserve going to do next?

(You can find out what we think here).

We believe the market is going to carry on up over the next few days to weeks, so now we are going to start looking at more long positions with our Buffalos so we can be really balanced with our hedge.

We are also looking at taking profits when it comes to our VCA’s.

We’ve done a lot of work accumulating as the market dropped – so now it’s time we started looking to take profits.

We have seen a breakout on the upside with “safe haven” gold and silver – which is great, so have a look at your positions if you are in gold and silver as you may be in profit.


MERCURY SYSTEMS (MRCY) – nice risk-reward ratio.

With the Buffalo, it doesn’t matter whether we go up or down, but it’s important to have long and short positions so that we are hedged on both sides, so we can go both ways and profit.


ETHEREUM – and we believe it might become the first blockchain in the world to become a profitable enterprise or business! 

Currently, all the blockchains out there, including Bitcoin, are all in the negative. They are not making any money in terms of fees and their whole individual ecosystems.

Ethereum, however, transitioning to 2.0 is looking really good and solid for the future. (You can hear more about this here).

We have also been looking closely at XRP and wondering why no one is talking about it with the SEC court case still pending.

XRP is down a massive -74%, it is a great first entry point, and one we believe is worth looking at if you are starting your crypto journey (but of course, you must do your own research, don’t just take our word for it!)

There are two things we like about XRP:

#1 – XRP are looking to be regulated by the SEC, which would be great and they are partnered with 200 banks already!

#2 – A new payment method in the US, ISO2022 which is going to replace SWIFT payment method – this will essentially cut out the middle man as DeFi does with blockchain.

XRP itself is one of the native tokens tied to this payment method.

This, we believe, will have a really positive impact on XRP because XRP as a payment method is very quick, very cheap and can be utilized worldwide.

Some say XRP could go 20x!

Now, of course, we’re not saying get into XRP, it’s going up, it’s going up… because we don’t know… BUT… similarly to Ethereum, XRP now has a solid platform.

It’s all about which projects are really going to help grow our portfolio. That’s why in-depth research is important.

As you know… we’re big on cryptos here at Investment Mastery, and with good reason… because they are profitable assets!

Look at MATIC – it jumped up 160% last month!

A lot of the good cryptos are really at a steal at the moment.

SOLANA – still down -83%-84%.

FILECOIN (FILUSDT) – was down -95% which gave us a really good entry point and then rallied to nearly 100%, but not enough for us to be in profit yet.

There are a lot of projects out there.

BITCOIN – currently consolidating in the short term, with higher highs and higher lows. We think Bitcoin is going to move in tandem with the rally we believe is going to happen in the stock market.


PAYPAL (PYPL), ZOOM (ZM) are starting to go higher, so make sure you look over your positions

CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL (CM) – got in at -24% and -34% and have now moved out stop-loss to +15% which is great news!


COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS CORPORATION (CTSH) – down at -25%, we really like the fundamentals – strong earnings, low debt, really good growth potential as well, consistent returns, growing its net profit, a good first entry.

We talk a lot about strategies at Investment Mastery – because strategies are one of the important keys to our and YOUR success as traders and investors.



BUFFALO: +63.2% on total portfolio

VCA: +1.025% on money invested


CCA: +1,510% on money invested

Small Cap: +4,320% on money invested

All this in just 2 years, is pretty awesome when you think about it… and way better than what you would have if you had just left your money in the bank with their paltry 0.02% interest!

We are getting ready for when the next Bull run gets going which we believe is going to be 2024 for the next halving.

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