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Will Genesis Be Next To Fall? Could This Be The End Of The Crypto Market?! 

After the dramatic collapse of FTX recently, we have another big crypto player hitting rocky times and setting off more alarm bells in the markets, including another price drop for Bitcoin, and even some concern over Solana. 

The immediate question is: could this be the end of the crypto market for investors?  

You can find out in this week’s episode of Trades Of The Week with our Head Trader, Dennis Sahlström, and Trader and Coach, Keith Sullivan. 

And what is the #1 strategy we adopt in times like these. 


Despite the crypto fear, we had some good results and big profits with some top name brands, which can be found in our weekly results breakdown.  

As ever, the one thing to remember is – it’s in a Bear market that most millionaires are created! 


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