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World’s Biggest Asset Manager BlackRock Partners With Coinbase!! What Does This Mean For You?! 

The mighty BLACKROCK has teamed up with COINBASE to send investment heads spinning in the crypto world!

And you can find out what our Head Traders Dennis Sahlström and Keith Sullivan make of it all right here in this week’s blockbuster Trades Of The Week episode!

PLUS there were absolutely THRILLING updates on the trades we are in that ARE ALL SET to explode on the up for us…

And some fantastic new opportunities that are TOO GOOD TO MISS, which is why we are getting in!

But first…             


ALBERTSONS COMPANIES (ACI) – finally up a little bit in profit here, which is good to see. So we were close to being stopped out, but this is why we’re taking the emotions out to really let it run and now, who knows what’s going to happen?

NV5 GLOBAL (NVEE) – stopped out with a 3% profit, which is good news.

Not such good news on KARUNA THERAPEUTICS (KRTX) or GLOBAL BLOOD THERAPEUTICS (GBT) which could be a sign that getting into therapeutics companies may not be such a good thing! Especially during earnings.

In fact, this is a good time to talk about earnings because we find that during this period not much happens, BUT it can leave the door open to a period of greater risk. Although having said that, it can gap out in your favour too.

But this is the market, this does happen. COTY INC. (COTY) – is going down a little bit, which is nice around the entry point. Do your research and maybe you can get in at a better price than we have.


Despite our analysis last week, it’s still a question of recession… or no recession?

That’s because it does appear there is a strong labour market tied to an increase in consumer sentiment and we’re also seeing positive earnings. This is not showing us what we would normally see in a recessionary environment. This has given us more confidence that we could potentially be seeing the market have a bit more of a push-up. Whatever the true situation, it might be time to look at taking profits.

Also, make sure you’re hedged so you’re doing longs and shorts because we don’t really know right now, where the market can turn – but we need to take advantage of this short-term medium-term value. We are going to start taking profits, especially with our VCA’s, where we’ve been accumulating for such a long time.


AT&T INC (T) – which is a good company, we have a really good risk-reward ratio. Earnings have been and we saw it was a big drop in the market.

MERCK & COMPANY (MRK) – we’ve been in this numerous times before. We think this one still looks like a good opportunity down at resistance, now the market is pushing higher, and we have a good reward-risk ratio on this one as well, but as ever – do your own research.


And if you ever wanted a clearer sign or confirmation, that crypto adoption by the major financial institutions and corporate conglomerates is real and happening, well the news that the world’s biggest asset manager BLACKROCK has partnered with crypto powerhouse COINBASE is surely that proof!

The partnership will allow BlackRock clients to trade and manage crypto in-house. As a result of the news, Coinbase stock soared as high as 44% in intraday trading before closing up 10%.

Even if Black Rock’s participation amounted to 0.5% it could add an extra $1 TRILLION to the crypto market!

This news is further proof of why WE are still so excited by the crypto and blockchain ecosystem… as we have been ever since we started getting in!

It is why we are so BULLISH on crypto long-term.

Not only that, we had news that MASTERCARD is going to be partnering with BINANCE and rolling out a new crypto card!

This has meant that… with BNB (BINANCE COIN) if you invested at minus 50 to 60 to 72 you would very likely be up 39% or so! Well done for that.

FILECOIN – is another one we invested in, all the way down to minus 95%, it really jumped up, but we are quite a bit from being around break even.

What else?

BITCOIN – is printing higher highs and higher lows which is nice to see.

We do think that the target is probably going to be somewhere around $30,000 or so, which is another 25% rise in price.

Also don’t forget, in September ETHEREUM is stepping up to become 2.0 which might of course drive prices higher.


NEARUS – very exciting down -72% from the high.


Some awesome profits waiting in the wings!

PAYCOM SOFTWARE (PAYC) – we have a stop-loss placed at +15% which is great, we’re getting ready to do some major celebrating!

CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL (CMG) – same for chipotle Mexican grill, we have a stop-loss at 20% here.

MEDIFAST (MED) – we have another entry at minus 40%.

APPLE INC. (AAPL) – we have the stop-loss at 10%.

COINBASE GLOBAL (COIN) – after the incredible announcement we have put the stop-loss at +31% so well done if you got into this.

NEW OPPORTUNITY COMCAST CORPORATION (CMCSA) – this is a huge multinational media and telecommunications conglomerate, it’s massive with many different product lines, and it has great fundamentals and being down -36% I think it looks like a great opportunity to get into.



BUFFALO: +59.4% on total portfolio

VCA: +1,025 on money invested


CCA: +1,510% on money invested

Small Cap: +4,320% on money invested

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