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Die Auswirkungen des „Todeskusses“ auf den Kryptomarkt!

Trades of the Week - February , 2023

What a week!  

It’s been 7 days of stunning news, exciting developments, and intriguing questions for stocks, cryptos, and commodities, as our Head Trader, Dennis Sahlström, explains in this week’s episode of Trades der Woche! 

Such as…? 

No more recession!? Does the US job explosion mean good news for the economy, as inflation and interest falls? 

And Bullish times for stocks and cryptos!? 

As the SEC continues to investigate XRP what could that mean? 


Why does everything hinge on probabilities and what’s the importance of being hedged? 

Who are we investing with and who we are not… 

Which HUGE household drinks brand are we getting into that could get our profits popping!? 

And why TESLA is a “Musk-have” that could be netting us 50%!!!? 

And OIL and GOLD get our pulses racing! 

And the 38% rise of NFTs helps crypto space boom 29% since Christmas! 

And oh yes… what is the significance of the 200 Weekly Moving Average and why could it be the Kiss of Death? 

All finishing with… yet another 8% profit secured in our outstanding RESULTS BREAKDOWN! 


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