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Write TWO emails to send to our database promoting an upcoming Stock Market Masterclass.
Below are the TWO emails we'd like you to write...

About the Stock Market Masterclass:

  • Low-risk strategy to earn monthly returns in 20 mins, even during crashes
  • Secret trading formula used by our founder to build wealth thru 3 crashes
  • How to benefit from any economic crisis
  • Tips from the 50,000+ people we’ve trained globally

Event Mock Up Information


  • Our target demographic is middle-aged, career-driven professionals looking to grow their wealth through simple, low-risk investing
  • The brand voice is neutral on the spectrum of formal to casual, aiming for a conversational, trustworthy, and professional tone. We strike a balance between funny and serious, delivering content that is witty and informative. Our communication is always respectful and caring, never irreverent. Finally, we lean towards the enthusiastic end of the spectrum, infusing our language with passion and excitement.
  • Convey our brand mission of providing simplified investing education to empower smarter investment decisions
  • Create urgency to register but avoid “get rich quick” messaging
  • Include an email subject line for each email
  • Draft copy for each of the two emails
  • Feel free to get creative with design elements like a banner image
  • BONUS: Mock up the email creatives using Canva or another graphic design program (NOT ESSENTIAL)

Be creative. There is no right or wrong here. We are just looking to see how detailed you are and your copywriting skills. If you need more clarity, ask questions before you complete your task and deliver it to us.

This exercise allows us to assess your ability to understand our brand voice and messaging, write compelling copy, and design creative assets tailored to our target audience. We look forward to reviewing your email concepts!

Please submit your completed task by Wednesday 13th March. Let us know if you have any other questions.


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