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Investment Mastery was created with YOU in mind. Marcus de Maria’s story has been the foundation of what we do today.

“Most people know how to work hard for their money, but very few have learned how to make their money work hard for them, this is why Investment Mastery was created.” – Marcus de Maria

Who It’s For

Professionals Looking To Expand Their Wealth
Professionals Looking To Expand Their Wealth
Families Looking To Grow Their Wealth Together
Families Looking To Grow Their Wealth Together
Newbies Interested In Learning How To Trade and invest
Newbies Interested In Learning How To Trade & Invest

If you are looking to build long-term wealth for yourself and your family or simply wanting to learn how to generate a second income stream, Investment Mastery has you covered. Learn from a reputable, morally driven trading & investing education company that guarantees you results – how? Because we actually do what we teach. Whether you are interested in: 

You’ll get the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to develop robust trading strategies that work.

You don’t ever need to worry about not having any previous trading experience, as our trading and investing courses are suitable for all levels – starting with the basics and supporting you on your journey to financial freedom. Nevertheless, we also cater to the much more seasoned trader and investor with our more advanced trading and investing courses.

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How Do I…?

Questions & Answers
1. Isn’t Trading risky?

In short, everything has its risks. But with the right Risk Management strategy, like the one we teach, it is virtually impossible to lose the total of your initial investment. You would have to lose 462 times in a row to wipe our entire account balance.

2. How much money do I need to start trading & investing?

We always recommend starting with around £2,000 (or your countries currency equivalent). However, you can start with as little as £500; it will just take you longer to see any large returns on your money.  The most important thing is you start!

3. How much time do I need?

The amount of time you need will depend on your learning levels. Nevertheless, we have taken time out of the equation for you. Our proven strategies, once learnt, can be as little as 20 minutes a day or even a month in some instances.

4. What strategy will suit me best?

The strategy that suit you best will all depend on the time YOU have available. At Investment Mastery, we have developed strategies that take 20 minutes a day to even as little as 20 minutes a month. Our famous Buffalo Strategy will take 20 minutes a day, making you 3-6% per month.

5. What’s the difference between trading & investing?

With investing, you are in the market/position for months to years. With trading, you are in a trade for days to weeks. For example, Warren Buffet is an investor who is in his positions for many years. Trading is a lot quicker and can be more profitable in the short-term.

6. How do I know this is not a scam?

It would help if you did thorough due diligence before taking any action with any company. However, at Investment Mastery, we offer financial education, so you have 100% control of all your money. You can also check us out on Trustpilot to confirm our legitimacy.

7. What do I need to do to learn how to trade?

The willingness to be open, coachable and a minimum of 20 minutes a day of focus time to reap the benefits of this financial vehicle. Besides this, you only need the right proven strategy for you, a laptop, the internet and you are good to go.

8. Can I quit my job because I can trade?

We believe this is one pillar of wealth that you can build while having a full-time job. You do not need to quit your job to make this a success. Nevertheless, trading can offer you this choice long-term if appropriately executed.



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