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Learn to Invest in Stocks & Cryptos from Profitable Investors

Learn directly from experienced investing professionals at our live and virtual training events. This is an opportunity to interact in real-time, get your specific questions answered, and surround yourself with like-minded individuals on a path to financial independence.

All our training is simple and effective with regular webinars, seminars and workshops, as well as 24/7 access to our e-learning courses.

Our step-by-step online training program teaches you how to research and analyse stocks and cryptos, set up investing accounts, execute profitable trades, so you can make smart investment decisions.

All you need is a laptop and wifi. We’ll provide the proven strategies, tools and community support so you can take control of your finances. Investing doesn’t have to be difficult with the right knowledge.

Meet like-minded investors, listen to their success stories, and gain the skills needed to take advantage of opportunities in the stock and crypto markets.

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Why Train With Investment Mastery?

Why Train With Investment Mastery
Proven investment strategies & owned IP
When it comes to money, we're never just "winging it". All our strategies are tried, tested and proven by us before we give them to you.
Track record of client success, proving that what we do works
If you're wondering whether Investment Mastery is right for you, our clients' success stories really do speak for themselves. No matter your background, we can help you create a better financial future.
We are a membership, not an online course.
This isn't a 'do once and never again' online course. Investment Mastery is a long-term partnership, providing you with ongoing education to see you through the inevitable ups and downs of your entire financial journey.
An "Always there for you" support system.
Our main goal is to help you. That's why we are always available to provide you with personalised support for your specific financial goals.

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Training FAQS

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about our training and how it is delivered.

Our Masterclasses are by far the best training to start with. That’s because they are the perfect introduction to either Stock investing or Crypto investing (or both!) They are FREE too and usually run as a 1-Day event. These Masterclasses have been designed for the complete beginner, but are equally informative enough for those who may have a little knowledge about investing. They are even ideal as a refresher if you have been investing but need to update your knowledge. We do run other training but these have been designed as complete courses for those with full membership. These training packages cover Stocks and Crypto investing in far greater depth and detail and have been created by our long-term investment experts.  

The multi-million pound question! But you don’t need that much to begin your investment journey. Far from it. £2,000 is a good starting sum to begin investing with (or whatever your country’s currency is). But that doesn’t mean you can’t start with less. £500 would be fine – but it will take longer to make any sizeable returns. To be honest, just making a start is the most important thing. Once you get a feel for it, and start enjoying making a profit from investing, you can up your investments! That’s the great thing about personal investing – you can do it at your pace, with whatever money you have to affordably invest with. And that is the key word, by the way – AFFORD. So whether you have £2,000 to invest or can only afford £200, don’t worry. Just get started. See the potential investments can bring you. Enjoy your first profit, taking that first step toward financial independence and greater financial security.       

No, you do not need to attend our training in person because thanks to the power of Zoom ALL our training is available via that amazing communications platform. That means you can attend from anywhere in the world! Which is what hundreds of our students do, every week. All you need is your laptop, Wi-Fi, a Zoom connection and you’re good to go. Oh, and one other thing – your openness to LEARNING. Your DESIRE to succeed. Your WILLINGNESS to adopt a new mindset to start creating new wealth, for yourself, for your family. You can do it! 

You can – once you have become a full member. In fact, that is your first real investment because you are investing in YOURSELF. Our education has proved to be many people’s first proper investment that has then gone on to help them make more money, grow their wealth and even give up their full-time job. Our education makes all of that possible, and more. It all starts with our FREE Masterclasses. Then only you know how far it can take you.  

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