How to Build Wealth on an Average Salary


According to the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) the average net weekly wage as of November 2022 was £578 – or £30k a year. 

To those on lower incomes, that may seem like luxury. 

Truth is, with living costs rising across every aspect of life, the need to build one’s wealth for the future has never been more crucial for everyone, even those on average salaries. 

But can it be done and if so, what does it take? 

The answer is YES it can, and it isn’t as difficult as it may at first seem..

5 Ways To Build Your Wealth on an Average Salary: 

#1 What Are Your Expenses? 

This is the first thing you would normally ask yourself if you were struggling financially and needed to save some money. 

But there is another way to approach this. 

By cutting back on your expenses, you can actually start building your wealth. 


By using the money you would have spent on things you didn’t really need, you can start using that same money to make more money. 

When you think about it, this makes perfect sense. 

The price of that coffee or lunch you buy out every day could easily be making money instead of being eaten or drained away. 

Or cut back on some of your digital streaming costs and instead find some new income generating streams? 

This, by the way, is known as being part of building your “pillars of wealth.” (More on that later). 

#2 Set A Wealth Creation Goal 

Once you have decided to take building wealth seriously and started making adjustments to how much you spend, it helps to have a goal in mind how much wealth you want to create. 

Better still write it down on paper! 

Put it on your wall as a reminder. 


Because having a clear figure as a target helps maintain incentive to reach that sum. 

If you start early, there is no reason why it can’t be £1 million because you can start creating wealth in other ways to add to that growing pot. 

If you are starting later, then you may need to lower your sights to be realistic – on the other hand, setting a goal of £1 million might fuel your ambition and drive to achieve that sum. 

The next question is… 

How do I achieve that £1 million? 

#3 Start Investing  

There is really no limit to how much you can make if you have gone as far as enrolling on some investment courses or getting a trading education.   

These days, thanks to the internet, there all kinds of ways to start investing, even from your home, at whatever time of day suits you. 

There are dozens of trading and investing platforms that deal with all the assets – stocks/shares, cryptos, commodities (oil, gold, silver), Forex currencies and even Stocks and Shares ISAs. 

Importantly, there is an investment vehicle to suit all types – for those who want as little risk as possible, to those who are a little bolder and have good risk management discipline. 

Also, wealth building doesn’t have to happen once a month or every so often. By putting just £5 into your investment account every day is still going to be building your wealth, as you will see when you discover The Eighth Miracle of the World! (More on that in a moment too!) 

The more you can afford the better. 

You may be getting the picture already – building wealth, even on an average salary, all begins with a change in attitude, behaviour, approach to your money. 

Think of money as your ally rather than your play thing. It’s your partner in wealth building. 

#4 Make Regular Investments 

Once you have started to embrace the idea of looking after your money and putting it to work, you can move to the next level – staying committed. 

Investing your money every day is doable, but it takes commitment, desire, and perseverance.  

It’s too easy to succumb to temptation or spontaneity  

So why not make it easier to stay faithful to your wealth-building aspirations by making your investments automatic? 

In other words, your regular investment amount can go direct from wherever your average wage is transferred to without you knowing it has even gone! 

You won’t miss is at the time – and be very grateful when you are re-acquainted with it in future years when it is part of a nice fat pot! 

#5 Profit from the Compounding Effect 

We’re talking about Compound Interest – The Eighth Miracle of The World (according to Einstein).  

And it really is miraculous.  

(Click here to see a compounding interest calculator in action) 

Simply put, you will be amazed how your wealth can increase when the money your money makes in interest, also makes money! 

It’s the simplest but arguably most effective way to build your wealth over time. 

The earlier you start, the less you need to get started.  

The older you are the more you will need to put in… but either way it is a fact that compounding works regardless of the sum being compounded. 

Of course, this fund you are putting money into should NEVER be touched until the time you stop working. 

Start early and you can easily have built up £1 million, if not more.  

The more you add, the more you will keep and keep making. 

The more wealth you are building on your average salary. 


Building wealth on an average salary can be done and it all begins by re-evaluating your relationship with money. 

Get away from the old conventional thinking of “saving for retirement.” 

When you stop seeing it as a sort of chore and embrace the idea of creating wealth, it takes on a whole new feel. 

It’s even exciting to realise your money can make money and even that money makes more! 

And it doesn’t take much to get started – just a change of mentality. 

That includes “the pillars of wealth” we mentioned earlier.  

Successful investors and entrepreneurs will all tell you that having multiple income streams helps get you on the road to wealth. 

Trading and investing stocks and cryptos is one obvious vehicle and one that is growing in popularity now that people are realising you don’t need to be rich already to invest and trade and make profits. 

Self-made millionaire Grant Cardone has a good way of looking at it when he says, “The only reason to save money, is to one day invest money.” 

Investing is growing in popularity for people with average salaries as it can be done easily from one’s home and even on your phone or laptop through apps. 


Having some education is important to increase your probability of success. 

Here at Investment Mastery, we help people from all walks of life do that by offering our FREE subscription to IM Insider. 

It gives you so many ways to learn about trading and investing with access to expert coaches, mentors, online trading courses, workshops, books, forums and exclusive access to our private Facebook members group. 


Marcus de Maria
Marcus de Maria
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