The Rich are Getting Richer and the Poor are Getting Poorer


They say the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

On the one hand, this has been evident ever since the financial crisis of 2008 and the subsequent 750 Occupy protests of 2011 which erupted around the world as the gap between the wealthiest people and the poorest widened.

In fact, a report for the UK government predicts the richest 1% will possess two-thirds of all global wealth by 2030. That’s an eye-popping £216 TRILLION.

And according to Oxfam, the 26 richest individuals combined have the same amount of money as the poorest half of the global population – that’s an astonishing 3.9 billion people.

As of the summer of 2022, that gap looks likely to explode as the cost of living forces households worldwide to use credit to pay for even the most basic items such as rent, food, fuel, gas and electricity.

The reason for that?

It’s quite simple really – it’s the financially educated who are getting richer and the financially non-educated who are becoming poorer

If you know what you are doing, you will grow your money, because you know how.

If you don’t know how to grow it, chances are you are likely to lose it.

So, becoming financially educated today will ensure your chances of becoming rich… But it is through continued education that you will grow even richer.

What is financial education?

In short, becoming financially educated means learning to look at money and wealth differently and have a new approach to how you look after your finances.

It’s about planning, spending less, saving, and investing some money to make more money.

Most people have to work hard for their money, but very few have learned how to make their money work hard for them.

If you keep your money in a savings account, that money isn’t going to work hard to make more money for you. These days, it’s barely treading water at 0.02% or less (on average).

You most certainly are not going to get rich with a savings account, no matter how many you have.

Which is why people decide to look into another pillar of wealth, such as property, stocks, cryptos, gold, silver and other “assets.”

Of course, increasing wealth with these assets involves investing and trading.

But isn’t that very risky?

Here at Investment Mastery we focus on teaching trading and investing and therefore help people learn how to manage that risk.

A huge benefit to trading and investing is that you can start with a small amount and only ever risk 1% thereby limiting the risk to ensure you are only investing what you can safely afford.

And with the power of compound interest over time you will see your investments slowly, but surely increase.

Once you have decided to learn more about investing and trading, and have decided how much you are safely going to invest, then it’s all about the next step – learning and practising investing and trading strategies.

Though you must ensure they are strategies that have been proven to work.

Whether it’s to learn crypto trading, stock trading, commodity trading or even Forex currency trading, getting educated about it is a must.


You need to be open… willing… determined… to learn.

You need to develop your mindset… have no fear… and handle your emotions… in fact, keep emotions out of it altogether.

If you want to get rich and stay rich, make education your starting point.

Simply by changing your attitude toward money will help you learn how to do more with your money.

Trading and investing is actually a very simple skill to learn… but there are lots of things you need to know to be able to do it with ease.

These can be mastered – which is what we do, provide investment mastery.

You can discover more about how we help people increase their wealth through investing and trading, here.

Marcus de Maria
Marcus de Maria
When you turn $850 into $90,000, you get noticed. Keep doing it and you gain respect, become celebrated, sought after for your knowledge and expertise. And so began Marcus de Maria’s journey to become founder and chairman of Europe’s premier stock market e-learning platform – Investment Mastery. From living on his brother’s floor £100,000 in debt… to securing lifelong financial independence, Marcus de Maria did it with one thing no one else had… a ground-breaking strategy that can make anyone financially free with just 20 minutes a day. Don’t believe it? Just ask any of the thousands of former students enjoying that new wealth.

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