How To Manage Your Money Like The Rich In 2023 | The GREATEST Financial Advice Ever Given!


Do you know why so many every-day people look up to the super wealthy multi-millionaires and billionaires?

Multi-billionaires like Warren Buffett?

It’s because these famous investors all do one thing that has helped them get to where they are – living a life free from financial difficulty.

They are financially independent.

And it’s all down to one simple thing – sound money management.

It’s not because they are more intelligent than you or have a professorship or even better looking!

No, it’s simply because they have learned how to manage their money efficiently.

One of these involves something we all have – bank accounts.

All of us have at least one.

Some of us might have more than one, say two or three.

And there is a very good reason for that, which we’ll look at now.

If You Have Just The One Bank Account

The following scenario best explains the situation and is something many wealthy people learn when engaged in stock market trading.

You see, if you have just the one bank account – all the money you have coming in, goes into that one account.

100% of it.

So, a friend comes along and says would you like to go out. You look in your account and see your salary has just gone in and so you say yes, and you go out for the night and have some fun.

So, in a way, this is already your Fun Account!

And that is not good, as you will see.

So, you go out, you spend, you have fun and now your account goes down to say 90%.

A few days later it’s the weekend and you get another offer, a day out at the theme park.

You have plenty of money at the moment, so again you say yes, and go out for more fun.

Well, it is the weekend! That’s what weekends are for, right?

And what happens, you spend more, and your account goes down again, to 80%.

The pattern continues throughout the month, because this is your only account where all the money you possess comes…

And goes.

Come the end of the month, your mortgage lender is wanting their share of your hard-earned money.

Oh hell, you don’t have enough to pay them!

What does that mean… obviously, you are not managing your money at all well.

That may be an extreme example, but not having enough money to pay for things or to cover basic expenses is something many people go through at some time in their life, if not all the time.

Here we are in 2023 and it is evident there are many people going through a personal debt crisis.

It’s not necessarily their fault – but looking after your money can certainly make it less distressing.

The Benefits Of Multiple Money Pots

Having more than one bank account is one way to manage you money better.

Think of it as having a money pot or penny jar for loose change but in the form of bank accounts.

For instance, you could have a range of accounts, such as:

  • Bills
  • Groceries
  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Subscriptions
  • Childcare
  • Healthcare

Basically, these would be accounts to cover your everyday or monthly necessities.

Now, that might seem a lot of accounts to manage – but these days with online banking it is very easy to open multiple accounts with the one bank.

Most online banking platforms have easy-to-navigate dashboards making it easy to go from account to account so you can keep an eye on how they are doing.

Managing The Accounts

This is the key stage – you need to work out how much from your general income account will go into each of your money pots.


  • 20% to go toward your bills
  • 20% for groceries
  • 10% for childcare/healthcare/subscriptions
  • 50% for mortgage/rent

You might have debts/loans to pay, so you need to factor that in too.

Hopefully, you will have some left over for FUN!

It is important not to forget the leisure side of your life, so that too can be one of your pots.

After all, it could become very depressing not having any spare money for socialising.

But that is exactly why it makes sense to have a range of accounts where you income can be allocated to make sure you don’t struggle and get into debt (or further debt!)

In fact, bearing in mind the current financial and economic situation, you might want to consider setting up one other account –

The Investment Account

It is something to consider seriously, because you may be in a position where you could do with more money and investing is one of the few ways you can do that successfully, by yourself.

With a little help with some education and training, of course.

Or if you are not badly off, and haven’t got any investments going yet, setting one up this year, 2023, would give you peace of mind for the future.

Because, no one’s job is cast-iron safe.

A Change Of Attitude

As discussed above, wealthy people stay wealthy because they manage their money well, even when they have millions!

You will find that it is part of the millionaire mind-set. The non-celebrities, that is.

They rarely splash out on themselves with self-indulgent, care-free spending.

They are prudent with their money.


Because they KNOW that the money they make, makes more money through compound interest calculator.

And even that interest makes money!

That is why people invest in the first place.

To grow their wealth, build pillars of wealth for their future.

For their families.

In 2023… there is no better time to start managing your money like the rich!


When you’re young, earning your first salary, having money is the best thing in the world!

Spending it is fun, but there comes a time when you will start to realise you can’t afford to keep spending like you once were.

That is the time to start managing your money better.

Better still, come to that realisation much earlier!

Here at Investment Mastery, we have been helping people learn how to manage their money like the wealthy with our wide range of investment courses and whole suite of educational tools, resources and forums.

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Marcus de Maria
Marcus de Maria
When you turn $850 into $90,000, you get noticed. Keep doing it and you gain respect, become celebrated, sought after for your knowledge and expertise. And so began Marcus de Maria’s journey to become founder and chairman of Europe’s premier stock market e-learning platform – Investment Mastery. From living on his brother’s floor £100,000 in debt… to securing lifelong financial independence, Marcus de Maria did it with one thing no one else had… a ground-breaking strategy that can make anyone financially free with just 20 minutes a day. Don’t believe it? Just ask any of the thousands of former students enjoying that new wealth.

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