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The Importance Of Investing In Your Education

Did you see what we did there with the title of this article?

“Investing” in your education.

Clever, huh?

But why are we writing about education on an investing and trading platform?

What has education got to do with it?

In all seriousness, if you are asking that question, then you really do need to carry on reading.

You were no doubt brought here to Investment Mastery because you want to know how you can become wealthier or create a second income or even use investing and trading as a vehicle toward securing total financial independence.

If any of these are your motivators, then attaining any or all of them BY YOURSELF will only be successfully achieved WHEN you have acquired the KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS to be as good as any of the professional traders or brokers out there in the financial world.

So in effect – you are INVESTING in your trading and investing EDUCATION.

And if you think that is just a ruse to get you onto our programs – just bear in mind our founder, Marcus de Maria, invests 10% of his annual income into his own education.

Why does he do that if has already become a multi-millionaire?

Quite simply because he is now an EDUCATOR and is genuinely interested in continuing his own learning and development, as well as helping others become successful traders and investors.

Besides, with digital currencies and cryptos, blockchain, metaverses and NFTs exploding onto the investing scene like never before, it is IMPERATIVE to be educated to make the most of these phenomenal investment opportunities that are now hurtling toward us every day.

Ergo, Marcus NEEDS to keep learning too!

In fact, Marcus only got to where he is today because he wanted to learn how to use investing as a way to make money. He needed to improve his own personal financial situation.

And all that investment into his own education, well, it paid off!

The great Jim Rohn, who is referred to in some circles as the ‘Grandfather of Personal Education’, and the man who taught Tim Robbins everything he knows, says that formal education can make you a living, but self-education makes you a fortune!

When you think about it, when our early education begins at school, most of us do our best to try and learn. But it is much more interesting, and we are far more receptive when we are actually interested in the subject. Right?

We can learn the basics, much of which is just simply regurgitating the same things repetitively until we know it off by heart. Things like the “rules” in Math and English. We then revise ad nausea for exams.

We may love Art and can’t wait for the next lesson to arrive… or despise it and bunk off that day!

The point is, there are times when we WANT TO LEARN and want to learn badly enough that we actually get IMMERSED in the topic with the PASSION to learn well that we become fully knowledgeable and acquire the skills we need to go on and achieve what we set out to achieve.

It is the same with investing and trading. You need to:







Because once you have been through the education, you then have the #1 facet that will get you on your way – CONFIDENCE!

That comes with EXPERIENCE and you will get that through your EDUCATION!

Do you see how circular that is?

It means you become a “Rounded and Grounded” investor and trader, ready to take on the world!

So, the IMPORTANCE of investing in your EDUCATION?

It is crucial if you desire to learn for yourself and become a successful trader and investor.

If you need affirmation that it is possible – just read about Marcus’s own story but also see the many testimonials from our members who all started with no knowledge, invested in their education with us and are now making the money they set out to make for themselves.

Or, even better, have left their jobs and are actually using investing and trading to generate all their income for the rest of their lives and their family’s future too!

These are everyday folk, probably much like yourself.

Create Indestructible Wealth For You And Your Family So That You Finally Have Financial Security ... Forever!

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