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Valentine’s Day with Cryptocurrencies

Picture of John Castro
John Castro
Picture of John Castro
John Castro

Thirteen years ago, asking someone to be your “digital Valentine” would have been unthinkable! 

But now, well, they are words you might hear more and more as Cryptocurrencies, the Internet of Things (IoT), AI, VR, and NFTs continue to become part of mainstream life. 

Here at Investment Mastery, we’re quite excited by the idea of digital Valentine’s as it adds a whole new dimension to gift-giving during this special time of love and romance. 

So, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the question is – are you going to be a Crypto Cupid?  

You’ll be joining many others around the world this year using cryptocurrencies to show their sweethearts how much they love them. 

And if they are investors, even more reason to get some crypto romance into your relationship. 

With cryptos being adopted by businesses everywhere as a method of payment, there are so many ways you can use your coin for Valentine’s Day, just as you might do with old-fashioned cash. 

Here’s a look at our favourite romantic Crypto Gifts.

Romantic Getaway

It may surprise you to know that there are many travel websites out there that accept crypto as payment. From local breaks to the more luxurious in far-flung destinations, there’s a site to cater for all your booking requirements. For instance, CheapAir, Travelbybit (powered by Binance) and uber-luxurious Berkeley Travel.

Gift Experience

Also called “Memories,” the most popular gift experiences are things like Skydiving, Hot Air Ballooning, Spa Days, Wine Tasting, Pottery Courses and now there’s even Pole Dancing! The list is pretty much endless and many of them can be bought using cryptos. Maybe you will find a gift experience for the love of your life that is truly out of this world!

Flowers, Bubbles, The Best Choccies in Town & Much More!

If you have Bitcoin and are having trouble deciding what to get your Valentine (or have left it too late!) you can always visit Bitpay.com to get inspired. 

Bitpay has more than 250 companies, many of them household names and brands that accept the coin as payment. You can shop by category to make things easier! 

Or how about going “mining” for a different kind of Diamond! (See what we did there?)

Gold & Silver!

It’s 2023 and it seems that anything is possible and made easy too using crypto, such as buying gold and silver and even rare U.S. and world coins and ancient currencies.  

Talking of Bitcoin, why not go all out and give Bitcoin as your Valentine’s gift? Even if it’s just a little satoshi or two, it could be a wonderful future investment for your loved one. 

The novelty itself could endear you to them forever.

Other Crypto-Based Gifts

There are many, for instance:

Online Cryptocurrency Course

If the love of your life has been showing signs of interest in trading and investing, a cryptocurrency course could be just the gift to get them inspired to take it further.

Brand New Wallet

With the crypto space still evolving and developing at pace, the technology is always advancing. If your Valentine is already investing and trading crypto, then a brand new wallet might be a lovely surprise.

TradingView Subscription

At first glance, it might not seem like much of a Valentine’s gift, but a full subscription has many deeper level crypto trading features. Most people use the free version of TradingView, but the full subscription version gives the user the premium range of charting and indicator tools that will make your loved one’s trading experience all the more rewarding!


This one might be for those who want to be super romantic! If you know your love well, then get creative and trendy with this current hot digital asset. Just picture their face when they discover you have bought them their totally unique one-off piece of digital art! 

Wow, that could be sooooo cool! 

And romantic!


When you break it down, using cryptocurrencies for Valentine’s Day or indeed any anniversary celebration makes perfect sense. 

Remember, with crypto and the blockchain, there are no “middlemen,” transaction fees can be extremely low (or even non-existent!), and you don’t have to disclose your identity! 

Crypto can be transferred using mobile apps, which is great in countries where banking may be limited.  

And for those wishing to maintain a low profile, cryptos anonymity is ideal! 

Whichever you choose… 

Make Valentine’s Day… Crypto Cupid Day! 


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